visits from friends and puppies and love

At the start of this week, I was lucky enough to have my dear friend Megan visit me in Atlanta. She and her husband, Michael, came from Indy, and it felt so wonderful to have them stay at our house. Nothing beats having a piece of home here with me, especially on a Monday.

Michael was taking a test all evening and although I would have loved for him to join us, too, I felt so lucky to have time alone with Megan. Our time together is normally limited and filled with activities. It was great to have an entire evening just the two of us.

We drank a glass of wine on the porch with my roommate, Katie, and enjoyed the crazyily cool fall weather. Then we went to Noche for a looong dinner while we waited for Michael to finish up.

I told them they could have my room permanently if they'd stay here with me. I think they might have mumbled something about a history with rats, and needing to get back to Indiana...

I'll convince them soon enough :)

Oh PS! We have a new addition to our family. MellyFord has a new puppy. Meet OllieFord!