Last night I had the pleasure of an invitation to the Container Store's pre-launch party in Buckhead. They relocated to a much larger spot across town and, I'm going to be honest, I really don't have sufficient words for happy I was. 

Thousands of square feet - brand clean - organized by section - by color - by size. 

It's what my dreams are made of.

They have everything you could possibly desire of to organize - even the food they were serving was well contained! From check-in to serving to check-out and valeting, every aspect of the night ran smoothly, and I'm pretty sure, moving forward, I will use the Container Store as my party planners. You think they're offering that service?

Their grand opening is this weekend and a portion of the proceeds go to CHOA, so you should hurry yourself over there realll quick. You won't regret it.
It was the perfect way to jump start next week's wellness challenge: contain. (Not sure a jump start was necessary. But we'll roll with it).

As for this week, I nourished. 

A while back, I wrote about the things that stir me - the things that bring me joy. And as I embarked upon this week's wellness challenge, I realized the answer to nourish: focus on something other than food that fills you up, was right in front of me.

Somehow, this season, August turned to September and September turned to November, and this week my family was discussing Christmas gifts. This fall has been amazing, but it has also been a whirlwind of work and travel and activities that, while fulfilling, have left me feeling disconnected from my long distance buddies.

And so, this week, I focused on one of the most nourishing of all nourishing things: reconnecting with my cross-country friends. From phone calls to texts to emails, I tried to push aside the things that zap those few hours between getting home and bedtiming to reconnect a little bit.

And oh. I take back what I said about last week being my favorite. This was it. Yes, my friends and I exchange life updates via Twitter and Instagram (except for when I unplug). And it works. But there is nothing - other than being in person with wine/coffee/a walk - that replaces a good phone conversation. It was so fulfilling. And such a great way to go into the weekend ahead.

Have the best weekend, you guys!!