oh love

I know I've mentioned this before, but, the fact is, the longer I'm in Atlanta, the more I mean it.
The absolute best part about being far away from people I love is getting go take great trips to see them (e.g. herehere, here, here and here), and vice versa.
But, the worst part is when they leave you. And it always leaves me wondering two things: why do we live so far apart? And how long can I sustain this?
When my mom left Monday morning, these were two questions I couldn't quite shake from my mind. I feel pretty strongly that all of us are where we are supposed to be right now - from jobs, to school, to life situations - everyone seems to be in the exact right spot for this moment. And yet, I just couldn't quite shake the sadness I felt all day after I said bye to my mom. I.e. Lauren Alaina's Like My Mother Does came on my Spotify and I started crying a little bit...

So the first thing I did is one of my mom's top life lessons: I organized my purse. Because taking that tiny bit of control back always feels right.
Then I read this quote in my devotional and realized that yes, it's very sad being far away from people you love. But, at the same time, every situation has its ups and downs, and the best thing we can do is be grateful for where we are, and see the half-full glass for exactly what it is: running over with love. And that's just plain lucky.