get get get it poppin

My relationship with holidays is like this: I have a serious obsession leading up to it, am on cloud nine the day of the holiday, but then following it, I am totally, completely done with it. Once New Year's Eve is over, I'm ready for spring. Out with the pine scented candles, in with the blossoms and beaches.
But the great thing about Thanksgiving > Christmas > NYE, is that they can all blur together in one beautiful season, during which time we can just love holiday living for two full months.
So, although Thanksgiving is long over, I thought I'd share these pie pops my parents and I (sort of not really that much) made.
The vision was my mom's - she saw the recipe on the Today show and immediately bought all of the tools to make them. Check it out below for the steps (full tutorial) - they were a big hit - and you should definitely make them for a party sometime between now and New Year's. But definitely not after - unless you make them spring themed, of course.
L to R: Soak sticks over night (if you use bamboo version), then pat dry.
Roll pie crust thin - 1/8 inch, then cut out small pie crust shapes.
Lay first crust on a wax paper covered pan.
Add dallop of filling to each one - then lay the pop stick in the middle of the pie.
Cover pie with the other crust side.
Use extra lollipop stick to crimp sides.
Dust top of each one with egg so they don't crack while baking.
Bake at 350 until golden brown.
And enjoy :)

PS: Don't let the speed of this tutorial fool you - they're a little time consuming once you get into it. But well worth it!