I'm typically a big advocate for monogamy, but I'm having a change of heart this week.
You see, I've been a one-lens kind of girl ever since I came across Warby Parker. We had a lovely summer together. I even went public with our romance last week.
But a few weeks ago Firmoo contacted me about their glasses and asked if they could send me a free pair. And I love love my Warbs, but I'm falling for my Firmoos too. They're really similar, and, right now, you can get your first pair free. You just have to create an account and pay for shipping.
I picked my pair, then about two days later, got an email from Firmoo that they had shipped. Next thing I knew, they had arrived. I didn't enter my credit card or give any personal information, aside from a delivery address.
I'm not normally someone who believes in "too good to be true." I much prefer the idea that it's that good and true, buuuut before referring anyone else to it (and after falling for a few scams. I'm looking at you Kronos shampoo), I thought I should dig into it. I found this Slate article about why they're so cheap, and then a whole bunch of other bloggers that also tried out the free glasses (i.e. here, here and here).
For me, it was completely risk free, and I walked away with a new pair of glasses. Who says reward always has to come with risk!?
Happy seeing!
*just to confirm, I don't get anything if anyone buys glasses :) they did give them to me free, to write about honestly, but that's where the deal ends. Now I'm just passing on the news.