holly days, happy days

I love a detailed to do list and a well executed plan as much as more than the next girl but sometimes life calls for a little spontaneity - and this weekend, that was just the case. 

My bff Katie Z booked an impromptu flight to Atlanta, and I really could not have asked for anything better. She got in late Saturday night, but the activity that transpired Sunday was almost enough for an entire weekend. 

We went for a long coffee walk in the Highlands, went to the Falcons game, met our friend Ben for a drink, and went to Yeah! Burger with our friends Evan and Ryan. Which means - yes - everyone involved was from Indiana. How great is that?!
Other weekend highlights include a cocktail holiday party Friday night, and a tacky sweater party Saturday (pre-pick up). 

I hope your weekend was happy, with lots of holiday loving! Thanks for coming, Miss Katie!