mid-week happies

Almost nothing makes the week go by faster than a mid-week visitor. Duke graced me with his presence Wednesday and stayed until today, which felt like a weekend smacked in the middle of my M-F. It was just lovely :)

On Wednesday night, we went to spinning with my favorite FlyWheel instructor. I was hoping Duke would think it was hard, and the next day he told me he was a little sore (= mission accomplished). 
(sidenote: this is me with Jeremy, the instructor. If you have tried FlyWheel, but haven't tried Jeremy's class: go, rightaway. He's so great. If you live in Atlanta, and haven't tried FlyWheel: go, rightawayer. Also, disregard my hair in this photo, pleasee.)

Thursday, we went to the Warby Parker class trip, where we got to hop on their school bus to meet the team and try on glasses. The Bibers are pretty huge Warby fans (six out of the nine adults in our family own a pair), so we were really excited to check it out. 

Duke has perfect vision, but I think there was a baby second where he almost bought a pair. They were that cool! 

I wish he didn't have to leave this morning, but I know I can't hold him back from his next stop: visiting Sam in Louisville. Have fun, sluggers!