weekends are bigger in texas

I know I've been famli-izing with these people for 20+ years now, but sometimes I'm still in shock that I get to call them mine. How'd I get so lucky to have the coolest people I know stuck by my side for life? 

And thennnn they decide to live in sweet cities, which gives me a quick and easy excuse to visit them. 

The only thing better would be if we all lived in the same place!

Le sigh. 

But until then...

More trippies. :) 

This weekend I made my first visit to Houston, where Court and Ry are living this year. I had no idea what to expect of city, and yet it was not at all what I expected. At 80 and sunny, it stole my heart for the weekend - of course, the host family helped a whole lot. 

Lily is, impossibly, turning six. Which blows my mind in a major way. I decided it was the perfect excuse to make the trip. We had such a wonderful weekend and my only complaint is, as usual, that it went too quickly.

From Thursday to Sunday, it was a total whirlwind.

Friday Court and I had lots of boy time while Lil was at school. We kickstarted the morning with what is easily a Biber favorite and staple of every weekend we spend together: a workout, coffee and a walk. We explored beautiful Rice, which reminded me how fun it is to live in a college town - even if it is a major city. 

After that, we played all afternoon until we picked Lily up from school. 

Somewhere along the line, Finn - maybe unintentionally - bamboozled me into saying we should go to Rain Forest Cafe for dinner.

You see, while I was on the phone, he said, "Mama, I have a great idea! Let's go to Rain Forest Cafe for dinner tonight!"

And Court said, "That is a great idea, but we already have a lot of special things this weekend. So let's save it for another one."

However, I then got off the phone and Finn said, "Whit! Do you want to go to Rain Forest Cafe tonight?"

Thinking Court had already agreed to it, I said, "Yeah! That's a great idea!"

And the rest was history.

So we picked Lil up from school and went for a lovely, classy dinner at the old RFC. Court and I opted to wait to eat dinner with Ry when he got off work, but the kids liked it a lot. :)

Saturday was a full-on Lil fest in the morning, which included her Birdie bash, planned and executed exceptionally by Court.

By the end of the party, we were all cashed out. 

(this is us attempting to show how tired we are)

Court and I decided some mani/pedis were in order. 

After that, we left the kids with a babysitter and went out to dinner just the three of us. It was so fun having time with Court and Ry. Such a great couple, those two.

Thank you so much for having me, Court and Ry! I had so much fun celebrating Lil :)