supper club // supper love

Somewhere along the lines of Halloween and Christmas and a chaotic start to 2013, my small group decided we'd run our course. For better or for worse, we were all on the same page that we'd had an excellent go, but it was time to take a hiatus.

That being said, we couldn't quite bear the thought of going from a weekly meeting to having no set time together.

And so, our new supper club was born.

Last night, we had our first meeting, if you will, and it was exactly what we all needed. After a long and busy week, we landed at Lindsey's house to enjoy a relaxing evening with good food and conversation.
There was something so comforting about it - we haven't had bible study since October, and it felt so nice to be back together again, just enjoying one another's company.
And now, it's Friday! Happy day!