we're all in this together

My brain is still reeling from everything I learned and soaked up from our conference in Vegas last week. It was the type of experience that you wish you could view in chunks over the course of six months, because there was so much inspiring information.

But, as with so many things like this, one of the conversations resonating most loudly in this aftermath is one that was offline and more personal.

In one of America's most manufactured cities, Hannah and I found ourselves deep in coversation with a coworker about authenticity. I greatly admire this woman, and she explained that the best piece of advice - both in your career and personal life - that she could give is to be your authentic self, always.

She held Hannah and my gazes just a minute longer than most people do and told us that this early in our careers, it's so easy to get lost in the craze and end up emulating your manager, etc. But that people will value and respect you more if you are true to yourself through and through.

Hannah and I both joked that we felt like she was literally looking into our souls - we felt just slightly more exposed than we're comfortable with.

I've noticed that often what I'm drawn to in other people is that which I want to be. Not necessarily that which I feel I'm lacking, but what I want to develop, maintain or grow. And man, oh man. Lately I am a moth to a flame with highly authentic women.

You had a bad day? Tell me more.
You're so excited you can't speak. Don't even try. I'll just watch.
You 're kind of scared and nervous but excited to move to a new city? I hear you. Been there, done that, tell me aboutttit. (but for real, tell me about it)
Stacie once told me that there are three types of people:
People that are like honey - they just ooze with honesty, willing to share their feelings like dripping honey.

People that are like sponges. With a little squeeze, they'll open up and share.

People that are like flint rocks. You can hit another stone against it all day long, but you're not getting them to open up.

I *think* I am like a sponge. I'm not oozing with openness, but if you put in some work, you'll get something.And I think it's overly ambitious to ever think I'm going to be a little honey bee girl, but lately I find myself so attracted to that type of person.I just can't stay away from the honey they're oozing.

A friend of mine posted this to instagram last week, right after said convo, and my initial thought was: who likes unmade beds!?

But then it hit me: it's the authenticity. It's the raw, authentic, real. No pretense or faking it.

And even though I'll probably never mutter that I love unmade beds, I do love that honest gasp or glee. I love the way those moments of vulnerability connect us with one another. I love the way you can be standing among a noisy networking crowd and those honest moments bring you together, show someones soul, and remind you we're all in this together.

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