my type of people // until we meet again

I once read that there are six types of friends you should have: 
the friend who is cooler than you
the friend who is up for anything
the friend who you aspire to be
the friend who doesn't know any of your other friends
the friend who is painfully honest
the friend who has known you longer than you've known yourself

I feel fortunate to call a lot of my friends many of these things - from being way cooler than me to giving me a little bit of honesty that I need to hear - I can't count the ways I count on my friends.

This weekend I went to D.C. to visit Allie with Maggie and Jordan and by the end of the trip, I couldn't decide which was which, because they're all so outstanding at each category. My only complaint is that we were missing a few key people (ahem, ahem and ahem). Another weekend without them just won't fly.  :)

Some weekend highlights include dinner at Founding Farmers Friday, as well as dinner at We, the Pizza, Saturday. Wildly different spots, but both insanely delicious. 

We also went shopping at Eastern Market Saturday morning, where we all were successful in jewelry purchasing.

We watched the Hoosh dominate Purdue at a local IU bar. 

And so much more!

Sunday, when Allie took us to the airport, a Veteran watching us say goodbye said, "Never said goodbye. Say, until we meet again. It's never goodbye with those you love.

So, my friends, thank you for a wonderful weekend. Until we meet again...