farewell everybody's

Last night, Katie G. and I partied like it was 2008. 

Back then, when I had a summer internship in Atlanta, I was also having a love affair with one Atlanta's finest restaurants: Everybody's. By the end of the summer, my then-boyfriend and I joked about an all-too-familiar conversation, which was along the lines of me saying: "Can we try somewhere new tonight?" and then about 20 seconds later, "Actually, can we go to Everybody's?"

It was an obsession. 

It was the first place I ate in Atlanta when my dad moved me here to intern, the first place I took my mom when she visited, the only place I agreed to eat for the entirety of my senior year when I visited, and the site of many other milestones along the way. 

So, when we found out that Everybody's is closing next Monday, we had to bid the sweet place adieu. 

We did it up 2008 style, which included a run for me on Emory's campus, a walk with Katie in Lullwater and then, of course, dinner at Everybody's. 

In other words, it was just a typical night [4.5 years ago]. 

We were fortunate enough to end up talking to the owner, Tom, for a bit and he told us stories about mistakes they've made (a long time ago when they tried out valet parking), the calls he's received this week after announcing the closing (people calling from India; flying in for one last time!) and what's coming to the corner next (a pub, in fact).

The place was absolutely packed - standing room only, with an hour + wait for a two-person table. 

While we waited, I decided to go a little emo and asked Katie if we could reflect on how we have changed since our first summer living together. We laughed about how different our lives are now. Did you expect it? Did you not? How much money would you have put on XY&Z happening? And all of the questions that only a dose of rosy retrospection and hindsight 20/20 can answer. 

So, farewell Everybody's. Thank you for the dates, the laughs and the sweet tradition. Atlanta will be missing a slice of happiness without you.