jor takes atlanta // duck dynasty // dirty bingo

I realize that it's Wednesday and the weekend is long gone, but I've been leaving in a dream world over here where my weekend guest is still in town.
Jordan came in on Saturday and stays until tonight, so we've just been pretending school nights are Friday nights, and loving one another's company.
This weekend I was, unfortunately, pretty sick, although I did everything I could to tell myself otherwise. I was doing crazy things that only denial can lead you to do, like going running and baking and keeping my body in motion, pretending I wasn't feeling terrible.
Saturday night after Jordan arrived, we went to dinner with my friends at Yeah Burger and out to Ormsby's.
We had so much fun, but by 11 when I was completely dillusional from the Dayquil, Jor made me admit I was sick forced me home in the way only a really good friend can do.
{But for the record, I was fineeeee! :)}
Sunday, we went to church for Palm Sunday, then lunch at Cafe Jonah. I have been wanting to try to community brunch at Cafe Jonah for a while, and it was awesome. You pay what you think you owe based on how much you ate, and how much you enjoyed your meal. When you leave, they give you a token to put in a charity's bin of your choosing, and 10 percent of the proceeds for the day go to the charities.
After that, we watched the IU game with Ben, which was seriously stressful. Those boys kept us watching.
Sunday night, I introduced Jor to Cafe 640, then Melissa introduced us both to Duck Dynasty. I'm not sure which is a bigger win among those two, really.
Monday after work, Jordan and I decided to go to dinner at Noche, and on our walk home were tempted by a sign outside a restaurant, Diesel, that told us Dirty Bingo started at 8. Feeling slightly adventurous after a glass of wine, we couldn't see a better way to spend our evening. I can't say it's something I'm adding to my Atlanta Bucket List, but if you're looking to spice up a random Monday night, you'll be entertained. The scene was anything but our usual and the Bingo cards read all sorts of words I'm not inclined to type here. But we laughed a lot and made friends with the announcer after Jordan walked in on him in the bathroom. And what more could you want than friends in high places when it comes to Dirty Bingo?
I tuuuhried to get Jordan to give him her number when we left, but she refused. So, if you know the Dirty Bingo man from Diesel, feel free to holler for our girl.
I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and your week is off to a great start. Tomorrow is Thursday!