indy weekend // baby T // DIYs

I told you all last week how Atlanta is making a sweet spot in my heart but, boy, oh boy, do I love home. My home. And my home people. They make me yearn for the ability to teleport like you don't even know. 

This weekend I went to Indiana for my cousin's wife's baby shower (cousin-in-law?). My mom and aunt, Mit, were throwing the shower for her and I couldn't miss it. It was a wonderful weekend there...

Friday, I got to see some of my very dear friends at Jordan's house. We drank wine and laughed and caught up on all things good. It made me feel so full seeing them.

Saturday we did last minute shower things, then the festivities began. The shower was so much fun and Samantha was an incredibly gracious and precious prego. I'm so excited to meet her sweet baby, Torrence in June!

I also have to take a minute to brag on my mom's amazing craftiness. She had a vision to create a cupcake tower out of onesies. 

I think I have over-explained my relationship with DIYs, and my mom is the exact same way. The attitude applies to crafting, too. It takes so long and requires so much detail orientation! But Muff had a vision.

She enlisted the help of my dad and me and, let me tell you, it's harder than they make it look on Pinterest! My mom outdid me on patience and craftiness and, alas, mastered the beautiful tower. 

I, on the other hand, helped make the sign for Torrence to hang above the mantle (with the help of my dad, who cut all the triangles!). Check out my skills below. First try, guys. First try: 

:) I fixed it, don't worry.

Congratulations Sam! Cannot wait to meet ecnerroT!