springy weekend!

Does anyone else think that spring has totally been playing hard to get this year? So hot and cold, is she here? Is she not?

But this weekend, spring showed up just in time for two of my very favorite traditions: 420 Fest and the Dogwood Festival.

Sambam was in town, which was absolutely wonderful. 

Friday, we laid low, but I introduced him to the glories of Antico. With Sam being a true pizza connoisseur, I was a little nervous, but disappointed he was not. Why I ever doubted Antico, I'll never know. Always a winner.

Saturday, we went for a long walk and got coffee in Inman Park. Sam had never been to this part of the city, so I was excited to show him a whole new area. 

After that, we had friends over before heading to 420 Fest in Candler Park. It's easily one of my favorite events. In my mind it means it's really spring. The weather is warm, people are happy, the music is good, and the money from the tickets go directly back to park conservation. Is that not a winning combination, or what?

Sunday after Sam left, some friends and I went to the Dogwood Festival in Piedmont Park. It's a lot bigger and is more art-centric than 420, but just as happy. I accidentally got King of Pops for the second time this week. Oops! That means one thing and one thing only: it really is spring! No more hard to get.

I hope your weekend was wonderful and you spent lots of time outside!