{sweet spring break}

I got back from the beach Tuesday night and felt a kind of refreshed and recharged that I haven't felt in a long time. It was the perfect kind of slow vacation where your main concerns are getting iced coffee, getting in a workout, not waking up to an alarm, and what book you should read next because 7+ hours by the pool or ocean add up in the best way possible.
I talked to Courtney on the phone Saturday night and at the end of the conversation, she said, "Are you OK?" because my response rate was so slow and I think I had the kind of relaxed intonation that made her wonder if maybe I was on drugs.
For the first time ever, we decided to venture to Georgia's south beaches. I know, I just told you  that we're Emerald Coast do or diers, but we planned the trip last minute, so 30A was all booked up, and we couldn't let that stop us from getting our R&R. We're Rosemary-lovers but we're not crazy. We need the beach, people!
We went to St. Simon's and were charmed and dazzled by its quaintness. If you're familiar with the 30A area, you know that the panhandle is a manicured vacation mecca. Everything is perfect and tended to a T. St. Simon's is a departure from this - it natural and untouched. It's a quintessential Southern beach town, where everyone moves slowly and eats their food fried and has signs out front that read, "Add a bottle of wine to any meal for $10."
It's sweet and slow and exactly what we needed for a our spring break. We got up early and went to bed early and read books and laid by the pool and ocean and lost track of time. We ignored our phones and constantly found ourselves asking what day it was. We did family boot camp (led by Duke) and went on runs and walks and got iced coffee until we didn't even want it anymore. I went blow dryer, straightener and make up free - running in from the beach 20 minutes before we planned to leave for dinner just to hop in the shower. We did things we never make time to do - even on vacation - that only a Southern town can slow you down enough to make happen.

The ONLY problem with the trip is that not everyone could come. We were missing the rest of our family greatly. Before I left Tuesday, I made sure to send everyone in my family an email to get plans in motion for our next vacation. A trip like this is too good to let end without another one on the horizon. Sandestin for Labor Day, anyone?
See you at the beach!