It was summer when I first fell in love with Atlanta. Five years ago (can you believe that!?). I was still in college, interning. Falling in love with this city for its hugeness, its chaos, its quaintness among both of those things.
And as it finally starts to feel like summer again, my heart ignites with the same love. Though I'm so ready to be settled in our new house (for a year, seriously), I feel lucky I've gotten to live in so many different parts of town in just a few short years. Each one feels different than the next - some like you're in a city - busy and loud - others in a neighborhood - among boutiques and young love. No two parts of Atlanta are the same.
Life is too busy this week. Too many projects and activities culminating at once. And yet, as I sit here semi-homeless during the craziness (one lease ended last week, another starts next week. I know!), I feel nothing but gratitude.
Grateful that Indiana still feels like home, and yet Atlanta does too.
Grateful to have friends here and there and in between that I can call when the craziness gets too crazy. Just so I can cry and laugh at the same time.
Grateful to know that no matter how far my family is, they're really right here with me, too.
Grateful for the humid air and warm breeze and the way summer is washing over us.
Grateful for good country music with the windows down.
And grateful for my breakfast this morning, because it's really good.
Happy Tuesday, friends!