{lululemon giveaway}

On Monday, my friend Lauren was superly excited about the 30-day challenge and asked if she could join me. Of course I said yes! We decided to make it a joint effort to hold each other accountable. We'll log our yoga, sleep and smoothies in a Google doc to make sure we're sticking to it.

AND then we got to talking and decided this means you should do it to! Want to sleep eight hours every night? Do more yoga? Have green smoothies? One, two or all three? Join us! Tell us you're in on one, two or all three accounts in the comment box below for the chance to win a Lululemon gift card.

 And for an extra entry, log yours in the doc, too. For every category you complete, you'll be entered to win  again. So join in! Pick a color for your name so it's easy to read.
The worst case scenario is that you don't win, but you're stronger, stretchier, better rested and detoxed. The best-case scenario is that you win the gift card and get to be part of our challenge. If that's not win-win, what is?

Happy challenging!

PS If you start late, that's OK, too! You have until July 15 to complete all 30 days.