Atlanta {workout} Bucket List

best workouts in Atlanta - a list

I don't always prescribe to the notion that you should try anything once, but when it comes to working out, I most certainly do. While nothing compares to my trusty running shoes (a la the BeltLine), what I like even better is my running shoes + a great class. 

I've tested out quite a few of them, and lately I've been asked for recommendations on what my favorites are. So, without further do, my Atlanta Workout Bucket List

The quick and dirty on what I've tried, what I've loved, what I haven't loved and what I need to try...

  1. Atlanta Hot Yoga  Great for super-hot yoga. I love Todd's West Coast Power Flow Class. 
  2. Decatur Yoga and Pilates Another great studio - and they have $35 unlimited for your first month when you sign up. It gets really hot in there. 
  3. Balance Yoga This is my favorite studio in Atlanta and where I have spent the most time. I love Jennifer and Caroline's Vinyasa Flow classes the most. They'll leave you super sore the next day.
  4. Tough Love Yoga - I didn't actually have a great experience here, but everyone else in the world seems to love it. I think I need to give it another shot.
  5. Studio Lotus
  6. Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga - dying to try this one. Caroline, from Balance, teaches it. 
  7. West Coast Workout - tried it, loved it. Will leave you happy and sore. Two of my favorite things. 
  8. Exhale Yoga

  9. FlyWheel - I think I have made my feelings on FlyWheel abundantly clear. 
  10. LA Fitness Buckhead Spin with April - After Flying, LA Fitness doesn't really compare. Unless you go to April's class. She will kill you and you will like it. I promise.

  11. Blast 900 - As amazing as the website makes it seem. You will sweat, you will be sore and you will burn a load of calories. 
  12. Piedmont Park Boot Camp - such a great way to get outside. We did an awesome track workout + strength
  13.  VeriFit
  14. TRX Witzlib (Suspension Class) 
  15. Chaos Conditioning 
  16. Body Solutions (Body Blitz)
  17. Urban Active Calorie Crusher

  18. CoreFitness
  19. X3 Sports  Tried the Kickboxing class in Inman Park. It was great and I was so sore! Next up is the FastTrack class. 
  20. Atlanta Kick I was silly and went when I had a stress fracture. Still a great workout, but I need to go back now that my foot is fully functional. 
  21. Bangkok Boxing

  22. Pure Barre - Absolutely loved it. It was amazing for toning. 
  23. Fly Barre - this was good, but not as good as FlyWheel or Pure Barre. A nice workout, but it won't leave you dead the way the other two will.

    Just Fun
  24. Atlanta Rocks Climbing
  25. SkyZone Trampoline 
  26. LA Fitness Brookhaven Zumbamore fun than it is a workout, but always nice to mix it up

So there you have it. My thoughts on the Atlanta workout scene. Don't forget a lot of places offer your first class free or discounted, and if you go to Lululemon, they'll give you free yoga passes around the city, as well as offer free in-store yoga each week. And that, my friends, is how you stay healthy, wealthy and wise in Atlanta. 

Happy fitnessing!

PS: Am I missing anything? Tell me, tell me below! To share is to love!