Houstonian Weekend

I love a planned-in-advance trip. One that you can count down, anticipate and paper chain. But, there's something to be said for an impromptu trip, where you book your flight as quickly as the idea comes into your head. 

And that's exactly how my Houston weekend happened. Last week, Court had her fourth baby and I had planned to drive to meet her when they move to Virginia next month. But then she arrived. And she was a girl! And she was so perfect and beautiful and I needed to meet her immediately. 

My dear friend Lindsey's mom works for Delta and let me use a buddy pass to get there quickly. I am so grateful for their generosity, because by the time Thursday night came around, I almost couldn't go another minute without meeting Della. 

Our weekend was full in the way it's supposed to be when you have a new baby: with slow walks, the best conversation, iced coffees, carry out and dessert after dinner every night. I participated in Court's post-pregnancy routine purely for solidarity, of course. 

Other activities included building a fort out of the boxes packed for Virginia, tons of Della snuggling and lots of love for the other three kids. 

We tested out the new car setup, too, when we ran errands. That fourth car seat squeezes right in!

We also sneaked in a birthday party for Finn and his friend, Jack, with lots of swimming and car-related activities. 

It was such a great weekend meeting Della. See you next in Virginia, Smith fam!