booking it forward

When I was really young, my parents (and aunts and uncles) were concerned because I just didn't want to learn to read. I had absolutely no interest in it, to the point that my mom actually discussed it with our pediatrician. They were worried about me. We had this awesome front room in our house with bookshelves and a ladder, and building a fort under it held my interest much more than cracking a book open.

Fast forward 15 years and I majored in Journalism and English in college.

Life. So unpredictable, isn't it?

That being said, now I love to read. I can't sit through a movie, but I can read until grass starts growing under my feet. 

When Duke was in town for Cheers for Children, he mentioned that he and his advisor were starting a pay-it-forward program with books. They're buying books and reading them, then passing them along to someone else who could benefit from or enjoy them. (That Duke! Always full of great ideas.) 

I loved this idea! I rarely read a book twice and never know what to do with them when I'm finished. 

So I decided I, too, am going to start paying my books forward. But, I'm adding a twist. Whenever I read it, I am going to write my name and date in it. Then, whoever I pass it to has to do the same, and then give it to someone else. It's kind of like a chain letter (but hopefully not too much like one, nahmean?). Maybe someday a book will even come back to me!

En route to Houston I finished 10-10-10, which offers a great decision-making tool for the busy girl. I'm passing it along to my busy mama, with the hope that she can find some time to read it, too.

Feel free to join me in my book adventure. In the days of Kindles and iPads, it's a little fun to get back to the basics. 

PS: If you need a good book suggestion, check out this site. You can type in a book or author you like, and it will generate other similar books. Genius, I tell you!
PPS: Check out 20 books to read in your Twenties. I don't agree with all of them, but some are real winners. 
PPS: IF you giveaway a book, tell me! I want to hear about it.