we did it!

We survived! 30 Days. No coffee. Tons of yoga. Even tons-er of green smoothies. And (tried to get!) eight hours of sleep every night.

And it felt so good!

Lauren and I took on the challenge last month to see how we'd feel if we replaced our caffeine with green smoothies, slept more and upped our yoga practices.

Here's what we found...

Green smoothies for coffee:
The first two days, I had consta-headaches. But then, they went away.
Within a few days, I had plenty of energy without coffee.
My skin was clearer and I felt very detoxed by increasing my smoothie intake.

The only con was that I got a little sick of the smoothies and they take a lot of intention. I actually took my Bullet to work a few times to make them there, as well as bible study. Some days, you're not home long enough to get your blend on!

Overall, it was a great exchange. I missed coffee a lot, because, as I've mentioned, iced coffees are a way of life. I don't plan on quitting it entirely, but I'd be fine to stick with decaf. I also want to keep the green smoothies as a staple.

Oh, the yoga. It was just wonderful.

I've never done quite this much yoga in 30 days and I noticed a serious difference in my practice. I've been more flexible and much more obsessed. I thought I'd get tired of doing this much yoga, but I actually just craved it more. My one month unlimited at Decatur Hot Yoga is coming to an end but I'm determined to find another budget friendly solution to keep me on the mat frequently.

Real talk: this is where I failed. I definitely, definitely did not get eight hours every night. But, in my defense, it's really hard to get eight hours when you're going to 6 am classes. Really. That requires, like, a 9:15 bedtime. I am proud if I get in bed by 11.

I know. Excuses, excuses.

But, I'm bound and determined to clean up my sleep practices and be better about making it a priority. This month made me realize just how sporadic my sleep schedule is. So, while I may not have completely succeeded, I did gain a little clarity. And sometimes, that's just what you need.

How did the challenge go for you?