happy atl weekend

I've said it once here and I've probably said it a million times out loud, but I still mean it when I say it makes me so happy when I stumble up an in-Atlanta, somewhat unplanned weekend. There is something so sweet about these weekends - just busy enough to feel social, but open enough for impromptu pool time and froyo with friends. Both scheduled and spontaneous, which is pretty much my ideal. 

Friday, a slightly hodgepodge (but awesome) group of friends came to see our new place and walk to El Taco and Hand in Hand. The night was pretty chill and offered the chance for new faces to meet and new connections to be made. Although I love nights where everyone is friends, with inside jokes and memories to laugh about, there is something so invigorating about watching new people connect. 

Saturday, Katie G. and I went to lunch at the Market at Parish (yum!), then tried Kale Me Crazy, which recently opened in Inman Park. It felt appropriate to try it with Katie since she introduced me to Arden's Garden last fall

Since I'm not exactly a kale lover, I was nervous to try their kale-based juices and smoothies. However, I was pleasantly surprised. I could barely taste the kale in my juice and am eager to go back and try a smoothie when I haven't just eaten. Our "juice-tender" was extremely knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. And the ambiance was pretty great too. The only thing I didn't like was that the cold-pressed juice came in a bottle. Even though he assured me it was fresh pressed that morning, I'm more of a straw and lid kind of person

Other weekend highlights include pool time and froyo with Stacy, Kate and Jill. Church with friends. And just enough exercise, rest and preparing for the week to get this Monday off to a great start.

I hope your weekend was great. It's the last week of no coffee for Lauren and me! Wahoo :)