a little something on the side

Does anyone else feel kind of like a professional wedding goer right now? These 20s! They sure are the wedding season of life. 

I'm always looking for more creative ways to gift and my theory is that you should have your main boo and your side piece when you give one. And by this I mean one gift off the registry, and one gift that is more sentimental; a little something on the side.  I recently discovered Pinhole Press and it pretty much seems like it was made for this. 

I got Katie&Austen the wine labels and loved them too much not to share. They come in a pack of nine and you adhere them yourself. I just peeled off the previous label and replaced it with their lovely faces.

They were so easy! And I don't even like to DIY!

It seems that Pinhole can pretty much put your picture on anything and I'm hooked. Spoiler alert = if I'm coming to your wedding/shower/house anytime soon, there's a 99 percent chance you will be receiving this. I can't say I'm sorry :)