slow summer, happy summer

I'm a big believer in being intentional my with my time because, when it's all said and done, how we invest our time is how we invest our lives. But during the weekends this summer, I've made an effort to be less intent. Less intent on accomplishing this and that plan in one day. Less intent on checking everything off on Saturday. Less intent on traveling. Less intent on making plans and more intent on slowing down. 

Without sounding too dramatic, I'd like to say that the practice has been transformational. It has allowed me to create more breathing room. To create just enough space to make the busy week-night dance less crazy. To create - dare I say it? - a little boredom. 

And more importantly, it has helped me to be able to say yes more. Instead of having to decline last minute invites on the weekends because of a prior commitment - I can say yes, spur of the moment. And I love spur of the moment, flexible summer life. It is the way summer is meant to be lived, you know?

Thursday, Melissa, Liz and I made impromptu plans to go to Old Fashioneds and Otters at Zoo Atlanta, which is part of the summer series, Wild on the Rocks (and, on that note, I will see you at Winos and Rhinos for sure-os). 

The zoo has been on my Atlanta bucket list since even before my bucket list was alive. We meandered our way through the zoo with Bandit boxes and fell hard for the elephants.  It was the perfect slow, steamy summer night. 

Saturday, Katie was going to be in Atlanta and asked me to spend the day together. She admitted that she assumed I'd say no due to conflicts, since it was a last minute request. My heart was full when I was able to say yes. We went for a long walk, while simultaneously searching for an estate sale, went to the pool, shopped in the Highlands and had patio drinks at Noche with Melissa. 

Everything about it felt right. We meandered. We had no agenda. We laughed over ridiculous conversation, including: did the guy I met at the bar say he was in sales for Jesus or Cheez-its? Because it's a really big difference. And don't you think macaroons are the new cupcake? It was the kind of day that can only happen when everyone slows down - when no one is distracted, hurrying or watch-checking. 

I went to bed Sunday feeling extra grateful. For good friends, for more time, for sweet summer and for the feeling that even though life isn't always following the plan I intended, sometimes, you realize things are turning out even better than you could have planned. 

Happy Monday, friends.