Summer's Best Kept Secret: 1Kept

I've mentioned before that I'm a real sucker for ambiance when it comes to dining. Vibe is everything. But when the food is as good as the vibe? Then we're really grooving. 

This is exactly the case at 1Kept, which opened in Buckhead this spring. My friend Casey told me about it a while ago and, blown away by her review, I decided to host a bridal shower there, sight unseen. 

The day of the event, I started to get a little nervous. Who hosts a shower without at least looking into the venue first?

I do, apparently.

Fortunately, 1Kept deserved my trusting heart. 

The food was incredible. Katie and I split the Florentine flatbread and the Buckwheat waffles. Don't even make me try and choose between the two. Because it's not a possibility. They were both amazing. 

The ambiance: my jam. You enter through a back alley and it's dimly lit (even for brunch), with tree stump tables, tufted seating and vintage typewriters hanging throughout. The only way I can adequately describe it is that it's just plain cool.

But, hands down, the best part was the service. The staff was so accommodating before and during the event. They allowed us to bring in cupcakes and champagne, and then, when we ran out (much quicker than anticipated, by the way...), they offered complimentary Prosecco. 

What more could you want?

Here's to hoping Atlanta gives 1Kept a warm welcome. Are you with me!? Let's go!

images via Thrillist