Chi Does ATL, VaHi Style

Some weekends are so all-consuming and happifying that you can't even begin to get a worthy-enough blog post together about them until Tuesday. Last weekend = this kind of weekend.

Katie, Sara and Maggie came in from Chicago and we had a full-on-nonstop-Atlanta weekend. We embraced the Highlands from head to toe - walking to Belly and San Fran coffee, eating at El Taco, getting drinks at Hand in Hand, shopping at Bridge and making all sorts of stops along the way. 

We rolled deep at Park Tavern for When It Rains, We Pour, because if we couldn't beat this crazy rain with our Shoot the Hooch plans, why not just join it? 

As I sat on the patio overlooking Piedmont Park, the amazing skyline and our long table of friends from so many different areas of life laughing together, my heart was full. Sometimes I don't understand why I have to live so far from so many people I love, but on Saturday afternoon, everything felt right. 
I woke up Monday morning with sore abs from laughing all weekend. I was sad to see my friends go, but felt so much peace knowing that even through all of these years apart, some friendships just continue to grow together - grow better. 

And that's pretty wonderful.

Thank you, Sara, Kate and Mag for coming to Atlanta!