it can wait

I don't normally blog about things like this, but I feel it too much not to share.

Last week I was at home and my parents were really pushing no texting and driving to Sam and me. I heard them but it wasn't until Friday, when my mom and I pulled into the driveway that I really heard it. We were pulling in and two little blonde boys - probably three and four - ran out in front of us. My mom braked and it was in that moment that it clicked for me. I try not to text and drive but have my "safe zones," where i feel like it's OK to look at my phone. The red lights, stop signs and that last ten feet before I'm home. Had I been pulling into our driveway texting, though, I would have hit those sweet kids.

I decided I had to fast - really fast - from it, because texting and driving really is an epidemic. I took the pledge and am promising myself that no matter how important the email, text or (shamefully) Instagram feels in to moment, it can definitely wait.