pesto. the besto! (three-ingredient recipe)

You guys. I promise I will stop blogging about my time at home soon. But not yet. There is just so much to share!

My uncle and aunt, Mikey and Betsy, have this awesome garden in their backyard. It produces beautiful, huge vegetables that make my mouth water just thinking about them. Tomatoes with crazy flavor - neither too tough, nor too soft. The kind you want to bite like an apple. 

And there's basil. So. Much. Basil.

I can still smell it.

Partially because they let me fill a grocery sack up with it, which I put in my suitcase. Total basil party in my bag. I opened it after the flight and let the herby goodness wash over me. 

Because it goes bad faster than spinach (which is really, really fast), I had to do something ASAP. This party of one can only eat so much basil. 

And so, I made pesto!

Because I didn't know how real people make pesto and because I only had so many things in my pantry, I made up my own recipe. And it worked! So, without further ado, healthy pesto, for you...


3 T Extra Virgin Olive Oil
4 C. Basil
Salt and Pepper to taste

Yields about two servings of pesto

To make:

Put basil and olive oil in Food Processor
Add salt and pepper to taste
Blend until creamy

Enjoy. Freeze. Laugh because you're so happy you'll have basil all winter (assuming you made more than two servings...).

Happy eats!