It feels like every year in my 20s is so different. Some years are for breaking down and some are for building up and nothing ever stays the same. 

So far in my 20s I've learned to run. Fast. I'm not talking physically though. I've become a talented juggler with too many balls in the air. Running from one place to the next carrying too many items and saying yes to everything. This isn't news to you or me or anyone in between. I've explained this before

But as with so many vices, I've become better and better at it. Needing less sleep. Less Whitney time. Less slow and more fast. I've wanted to stop this behavior. Needed to stop it, rather. But not wanted to in a true sense - I have in the way you don't want a piece of cake but you want the cake. In the way I've known I should but wasn't quite ready. 

But now?

I'm ready. 

And excited. 

I'm clearing out clutter and slowing down in 2014. In every facet of life. Purging my closet, getting rid of stuff. Saying yes to things that align with where I'm going - what I want my life to be about. And letting the other things fall away. I'm simplifying and not looking back at the other stuff. The things that weigh me down. 

And, I'm making more time for the people and things that fill me up. 
Dinners with my brothers. 
The photography class I've wanted to take for two years. 

I'm at crossroads in my life. There are a lot of big decisions I need to make but I've been going too fast to think through them - to reflect and make the right ones. 

So I'm slowing down. I'm simplifying and leaving no stone unturned. I won't stop until my life feels simpler and my yoga breaths feel deeper. 

That's my resolution. To stop resolving to make this change and instead just do it. To stop dreaming of slower days and instead make them happen. 

As for tonight? Ah. Sweet New Year's Eve. The red headed step child of the holiday season. But in my opinion, the fresh start. The new beginning. The clean slate we so often need and deserve. The chance to look at the last year with grace and know there is always the chance to begin again. 

So here's to you, 2013. For all you gave me and taught me, I am so grateful. 

And here's to you, too, 2014. You're going to be a good one. I just know it. 


The best of 2013...