200 stories up! // atlanta ferris wheel

I have a mean case of tunnel vision and once I get an idea to do something, it's unlikely I can forget it. 

Exhibit A?

Guess where I was Wednesday night?

That's right. The Ferris Wheel.

Beforehand, Chris and I went after Sushi Kiku, which is easily one of Atlanta's best sushi places (half priced sushi every night for dine in. You need not worry about the fact that "half priced every night" makes it just -- their regular prices. That's some good marketing, I tell ya!).

After that we headed downtown to the Ferris Wheel. We were slightly concerned about the insanely cold 37-degree weather + wind + 200-foot wheel. But we were on a mission.

Upon arrival, we were more than pleasantly surprised. 
- Parking is a breeze.
- The carts are enclosed - so neither hot nor cold weather is a concern.
- You get to go around FIVE times. That's so many! 

We sneaked a little spiked hot chocolate on board, but were too hyper about the amazing views to drink it. 

Seeing Centennial Olympic Park from above was my favorite part. Because I'm obsessed with the Olympics. Oh, and also, the heated cars. Genius. 

Happy Friday! 

PS: Saw the news about the National Ferris Wheel. DC: Get ready! You will love it!