a new bike, fresh veggies and a ferris wheel ambition.

There's something about winter that leaves me yearning for more. It leaves me a little bored. A little antsy. A little bit waiting for spring.

But this winter? I'm not doing it. I won't let it happen. I want to embrace the wintery things Atlanta has to offer and embrace the fact that everyone is OK with slowing down (read: hibernating) during this season. 

The first way I'm doing it is by tackling things on my bucket list that I've been wanting to do for months. In November, I told you five things I wanted to get done by the end of the year. I only got two done - dangit - but not for lack of trying. Here's what they were:

Grant Park Farmers' market 
Live music at Eddie's attic
Atlanta Botanical Garden (Garden Lights, Holiday Nights!)
Falafel King in Emory Village
Tour Oakland Cemetary

Here's how it went:

Grant Park Farmers' market (Bucket List #3): Done. Melly and I went one humid Saturday morning after a great workout, with coffee. Easily one of my favorite mornings of the month. Workout? Check. Healthy eats? Check. Good friend? Check. Coffee? Check. Life at GPFM is good, y'all. 

Live music at Eddie's Attic (Bucket List #12): DONE. Chris and I went to Ryan Horne's Christmas show right before I left for Indy and it was solid. Eddie's Attic has such a good vibe - cozy, all about the music and chill. I can't wait to see another show there. 

Falafel King (Bucket List #75): Fail. Duke and I went after a New Year's Eve run and they were closed! For a week! I was really sad. I thought I was going to squeeze that baby in RIGHT before the end of the year. 

As for ABG and Oakland Cemetary? I'll be seeing you this year, amigos!

Speaking of amigos. My friends and I recently tried La Pastorcita, which begins my goal of exploring ethnic restaurants on Buford Highway (Bucket List #45). Highlights include a Mariachi band (two actually. for real.), awesome guac and $2 tacos. 

AND, I bought a bike to replace mine at Paris on Ponce. Looking at you, Bucket List #72! Paris on Ponce is great - they have so much stuff and it's in top condition. My bike could be some kind of art (it's really old. and cute, i think :)) OR you can ride it. Talk about versatility! 

Next up? I'm coming for you, Ferris Wheel. 

Happy Wednesday!