happy, looong weekend

Heading into the start of the New Year, I was a little stressed about how much I was going to be traveling in January and February. 

First up was a weekend to Indy to celebrate my dear friend Megan's baby on the way. And you know what I found? No matter how busy life feels, traveling to be with people you love is always, always worth it. 

On Friday, I went to an awesome dinner with my parents and afterwards they dropped me off at Jordan's for a sleepover. My dad joked it reminded him a lot of middle school days and that if I got scared and needed a ride home later, I need not be afraid to call. 

Don't worry, I made it through the night. 

We checked off a few last minute shower to-dos. Drank some wine. And laughed and late night talked. It was so wonderful to be back together with happy friends. 

Saturday was sweet Megan's shower at my parents' house, with more of our old friends, who filled me up to the brim. I loved being together after years apart. 

Other highlights include a family party with our cousins. And breakfast at Patachou with my parents. 

It was a most happy Indiana weekend and I couldn't be more grateful for my family, friends and our time together. 

AND it was a long weekend. Which is pretty much the best thing ever. Monday, Duke, Sam and I went rock climbing (more on this to come) and broke in my new bike!

And those, are the makings of a very fine long weekend, I do think.