a weekend of firsts {mississippi style}

This weekend was one of many firsts for me - most notably, my first trip to Mississippi. Only one state over for all these years, and yet I've never ventured all the way across Alabama to the old Magnolia State. 

However, this weekend our friends Stacie and Rusty got married and it was the perfect reason to head west. 

First, though, a few new Atlanta adventures. My brothers and I went to Pure Taqueria in Inman Park Friday for dinner. The food was marginal, but I loved the vibe - relaxed, a big TV with March Madness on and budget friendly. After that, we went to Paolos Gelato in the Highlands. How I've lived within a mile of this place for months and have never been is beyond me. It was on point. I love froyo, but there is something so satisfying about the real deal. :)

The next morning, my brothers, Chris and I went to my new favorite Atlanta workout class, Chaos Conditioning. Then, we hit the road!

It was the perfect weekend to drive across the south. Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi were in full bloom - flowers everywhere, the grass a deep, lush green and the sun shining. Chris and I listened to country music, drank iced coffee, ate snacks, talked and geared up for our first Mississippi wedding. 

The wedding was in Vicksburg, which is an old river town that is so sweet. Quaint brick roads with little shops sitting on the river and an old church where beautiful Stacie and Rusty were married. 

After the ceremony, we walked across the street for the reception, where we danced to an awe.some. Nola-style brass band. They had tambourines! 

Before leaving, I felt like I really needed to see the Mississippi River up close. Sadly, though, the side of town we were on sits on the Yazoo River, which runs adjacent to the Mississippi. So, while got friendly with the Yazoo, the Mississippi was still slightly out of reach. 

Next time!

After that, we headed home to Georgia, recapping the wedding and sipping iced coffees. Weekend life is good life. 

Congratulations, Stacie and Rusty!