allergy-curing green smoothie

Spring is perfection. Therefore, this should not be registered as a complaint. However: my allergies have been out.of.control this last week. 

Again, this spring weather is totally worth it. But it's noteworthy nonetheless. 

On Friday I was so congested that no food sounded good. By noon I knew I needed to eat something but couldn't come up with any real food that I wanted to eat. Finally, I realized I had the ingredients to make a hearty smoothie. And, by throwing in some local honey, I can combat these seasonal allergies

Here's how it went...

Allergy-Curing Kale Smoothie

Two handfuls of kale
2 T sunbutter 
2 T local honey
1/2 c quick oats 
2 T chia seeds
1 frozen banana
Cover with water or milk. (I used water because that was all I had, but I think it'd be creamier with milk.)

Blend and enjoy :) 

Any other natural remedies for allergies? Let me know!