{beach bound}

March, oh March, where have you gone? It seems like just yesterday I was ringing you in with joyous thoughts of spring.

Today is the best day because my brothers and I are heading to the beach where we'll meet my mom for her spring break. After that, Court and her family will join us, as well as my mom, in Atlanta for Lily's spring break. Today begins a week of absolute happiness and hopefully, hopefully warm weather. 

Here's to you, spring break! Haven't had you since 2009 and yet I keep on celebrating you. What can I say, I like to celebrate :) 

This week I was completely honored to be featured in a BuzzFeed article. I logged on Monday morning to see that my site traffic tripled overnight. I was shocked. What a nice surprise to start the week.

Next up: I'm loving this 10 Life Lessons read. My favorite: don't spend time with people who don't treat you well.  Hear, hear!

Also loving Lord Huron's tiny desk concert. Melly sent it to me yesterday afternoon and it surely got me through my home stretch of work. 

In other news, going to the beach tonight has made me want to buy, in no particular order:
- A new swim suit
- A new cover up
- A new beach hat (this one. can I pull this off?)
- Flowy dresses and skirts

Meanwhile, the responsible part of my brain is screaming: don't buy clothes, you are going to buy a car!

But the flowy skirts are just calling my name. 

Not a bad debate for a Thursday morning. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!