irish this weekend wasn't over {st. pat's in chi}

During the last few years it has become a tradition for Katie, Sara and I to spend St. Patrick's Day together. Two years ago, they came to Atlanta for Lucky Fest and last year I went to Chicago

Although we'd all admit Atlanta is a touch warmer in March, Chicago wins for St. Patrick's Day. First of all, the city does it up much bigger. Second of all, there are about 57,000 people I love seeing in Chicago each year. And third of all, the cold is negated by how much warmth I feel being around all those people. 

So this year, I headed north and took Chris with me. It was our first time flying together (!) and I was beyond excited for him to meet so many of my friends that mean the world to me. 

Unfortunately, we were delayed Friday so we didn't get in until around 11. We had a late, late dinner and crashed into bed. We were up early the next day for Katie's (amazing) hot yoga class. It was incredibly hard and just what we needed to start our Saturday.

After that, we went to Protein Bar for breakfast. Chris (OK and I) have a large obsession with (1) protein and (2) eating healthily in large quantities. We were both on cloud nine with the good, hard workout follow by lots of healthy foods. The Wrigley Peel smoothie blew my mind. Banana + peanut butter. Need I say more?

After that, we got ready for the day with simultaneous coffee and mimosas. I told you Chicago does it right. 

We headed over to our friend, Austin's, house for his annual St. Pat's party.

Then went to Homeslice for pizza. And visited a new bar in Lincoln Park called Fairways.

And the best part of starting the day early? Early to bed! 

Does that make me old? 

Sunday, Chris and I went to breakfast with my IU crew at Meli and saw my dear friend Jamie's new place that she bought (rockstar) and headed to the airport.

As always, it was a total whirlwind and after we sprinted to our gate (typical), I landed in my seat and thought: back on the plane already!? we just got here!

Ah, my friends, it is never enough time. One of these days, I'm buying an island for all of us. Until then...I love you all.