today i'm feeling...

...So thrilled that spring is upon us. The extra hour of daylight makes leaving work so happy! The warm sun, the cool breeze, the extra life in people all around me. Spring. The best! 

...Still on cloud nine from breakfast at Cafe Jonah yesterday with my friend Julianna. There's nothing like starting the day with friend time, especially at Jonah. It was a drizzly morning, and the cozy seats, good conversation and warm coffee felt just right. 

... Pumped for the weekend ahead: Chicago-bound for St. Patrick's Day! So excited to head home to the Midwest and see so many of my dearest friends.  (Chaos of last year captured below)

...Like I need to commit these tips for saving money at Whole Foods to memory. Always appreciate ways to save money when WF is calling my name. 

...Craving this Banana Mocha Smoothie. I don't like Nutella, but I think almond butter would work nicely too. Afternoon treat, anyone?

Happy Thursday! :)