pure happy weekend.

This weekend I was hoping to go to Denver to make up for the weekend I missed when I got sick but tickets were upwards of $600, which is sadly out of my budget. So, I headed into this weekend largely unplanned.

As it turns out, as much as I wanted to be in Denver with my parents and Ashley, I needed this weekend here. To unwind, slow down, catch up and catch my breath. 

It was an absolutely perfect weekend - warm, full of productivity and relaxation, friends and alone time, movement and rest. 

There was dinner at Yeah! Burger and a concert Friday night. 

And a long walk Saturday morning at Lullwater. Followed by brunch at 246 in Decatur.

And an afternoon bike ride with Duke and Megan, during which we tried out Condesa Coffee. 
(are you gathering that there was a lot of coffee this weekend?)

Then Yeah! Burger again (judge me for picking it BOTH times. #obsessed) with Duke, Sam, Meg and Melly.

Followed by a party for our friend Kate at FunTime bowling.

And a happy Sunday Funday with a good church service, more iced coffee with Melly, about eight hours outside on walks and in Piedmont Park and cooking a super tasty dinner with Chris. 

And now, here we are Monday, feeling recharged, organized, rested and happy. 

Hope your weekend was lovely!