life this week

It's never been so apparent that I'm no longer 21 as it has been this week. Monday and Tuesday, I was still in full recovery mode from the weekend - a little tired, feeling like I was playing catch up. Alas, I no longer have the rebound rate of a college student when it comes to weekends like this. 

That being said, I haven't had enough coherency to effectively put my thoughts together. Just enough to report on a few things...

1. I'm in a pedometer challenge at work that ends next week. I've been hovering around third to fifth place the entire time and suddenly find myself being a little crazy with one week left. Is it wrong to march and type?

2. I'm really craving the beach. And spring, in general. Spring in Atlanta is only my favorite season, ever. I'm ready! Come onnnn March! 

3. I thought this was an interesting read on calories, weight loss, etc. When did we become so obsessive? [see #1: Yes, I do realize I'm part of the problem, too]

4. This year I have (finally) gotten serious about budgeting and it is changing everything. Amazing how much more self control you have when you force yourself to take the time to enter everything. Those Whole Foods salad bar runs at $15 each? They hurt!

5. I chopped off my hair. Chopped for me. Cut three inches by normal people standards. I snapped my friends proclaiming I got a bob. Small exaggeration, but it still felt like a big deal!

6. Ever since stopping being vegan and overcoming an unwritten fear of burgers, I've become obsessed. I want them all of the time. I recently saw these chicken avocado burgers (sans garlic + a wheat substitute) and am now salivating. I'm thinking the next warm Sunday will call for a grill, a glass of wine, a sunny deck spot and these burgers. Who's with me?

7. I tried Jeni's ice cream this week. I had no idea what I was missing! Everyone I told that I was going told me, Oh ya! It's my favorite! How have I never heard of this honey hole? Super rich, but super tasty ice cream. 

8. I need to buy a new car (yes, there will be a post dedicated to mourning my Jeep) and have mostly no idea what I'm doing. Any suggestions or tips? I want a small SUV, I think. And a sunroof!

9. Some friends and I are headed to Imagine Dragons tonight. Yaay! Mid-week happies! I really hope they play My Fault. --> my fav!

10. I added brunch at Murphy's to my Atlanta Bucket List.  I think it needs to be on there because (1) it is amazing (2) it has become a VaHi staple (3) they put coffee ice cubes in their iced coffee. Need I say more?

Happy day!