an appendectomy & sally's wedding

Happy Monday! Contrary to the lack of posts, I didn't lose my will to blog. No sir, instead, I lost an appendix. Good thing it's not vital!

Last Friday, as Chris and I geared up for Shaky Knees, I started feeling pretty sick. Thinking it was a cold or normal stomach issues, we assumed we'd be attending as planned. We both went to bed praying I'd feel better in the morning so we could have an ideal Saturday: workout class, big breakfast, music festival.

Instead I awakened at 2 a.m., my stomach writhing in pain. By 4 a.m. I was pretty sure it was my appendix and Chris took me to the hospital, where they confirmed it. Indeed, the appendix had to go.

The recovery last week was way harder than I anticipated. Seeing as your appendix is non-vital and so many people undergo the surgery daily, I thought I'd be back on my feet in no time.

It was clearly my first major surgery. 

{perk: tiny ice cream for breakfast. and every meal in the hospital.}

It was pretty dang painful and my energy has been unusually low as I've recuperated. Not to mention my appetite. Can any appendix-less people out there speak to when you start feeling hunger again? 

The entire week gave me so much perspective, though.

I feel so grateful to have my brothers and Chris in my life in Atlanta. They were excellent caretakers. They stayed by my side constantly, keeping me comfortable, hydrated and at ease. 

I feel so grateful for my health. I was a mess last week whenever I hit a limitation - so frustrated by it. I couldn't feel more grateful for my able body. I have a much deeper appreciation for all it does for me now. The ability to walk, run, breathe, laugh, dance and move freely - without pain or an IV machine - is so wonderful. I have a renewed desire to take the best care of my body possible.

I feel so grateful for my mom, who came days after the surgery to care for me. She left me feeling better, my house cleaner and my room rearranged. There really is nothing quite like having your mama care for you when you're sick.

I feel so grateful for the Lord's loving hand upon me this week. I believe more than ever that my body is His and in the power of His healing and loving hand. He is good and mighty! 

I feel so grateful for the love of my friends and family as I recovered. Thank YOU for your flowers, texts, ice cream, visits and cards. Feeling surrounded by love gave me so much strength. 

And, since nobody wants to see photos of me pre-, post- or in anywhere-in-between-operation, a few pics from this past weekend. I was in my friend, Sally's, wedding, and, even though Chris physically had to hold me up by the end of it, I was so happy I still got to be part of it. She was a babe of a bride! 

Congratulations, Sally & Preston! I love you!