thank you // today i'm loving

First of all, thank you so much to everyone who commented and emailed me about my blog post yesterday. The outpouring of love and support was incredible. I am truly so grateful for all of you who read my blog! It really means so much to me and I feel so fortunate to know that no matter where I take it next, I have your support. THANK YOU!

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming...


I'm wanting to make these Chickpea Chocolate Chip Cookie balls. Wowza. They look so tasty!

I'm loving this book list from Shauna Niequist. One of my favorite authors talking about her favorite authors? Sounds like a home run to me. I've actually been stalling on finishing The Fault in Our Stars because it's such a good book and I can't bear it ending. So grateful to have a list of suggestions ready to go!

I'm laughing/crying over Kevin Durant's MVP speech. I know almost nothing about basketball but I know this speech is good. If you don't have 25 minutes, just skip to 23:12, which is when he thanks his mom. Be warned that you'll be tearing up pretty quickly.

I'm heart melting over this read that Courtney sent me. You are more than a number, indeed.

I'm wanting to try this heated hair brush. What!

I'm wanting to buy this shirt for a baby near me. Y'ALL!

I'm intrigued by this article about the 7 Reasons Runners Can't Lose Weight. I don't typically weigh in on what I believe people should do to exercise because I think every body is different. But this definitely piqued my interest. Anyone else?

And I'm countering that article with this one. Because living life is much more important than an ideal weight, if I do say so :) If you love to run, run! Do your thing. I realized I was running for the wrong reasons and now I have a lot more fun doing other things. But not everyone is the same, nahmean?

And that's all for today!