some thoughts & hi from the bahamas :)

Some random thoughts for this Friday...

+ Hi :) From the Bahamas. My friend Abby decided to have her bachelorette party here, which is a pretty strong perk for the bridesmaids! 
+ Melly and I decided to host a garage sale at our house next weekend. Are we nuts? Possibly. We're also both TOTAL purgers and are already laughing because the liklihood of us getting rid of everything on accident is super high. 
+ Three weeks later and I still can't exercise post-appendectomy. Well, I've been approved to but my body just isn't up for it. So I'm just going on walks and keeping my cortisol levels low, I guess!
+ Have you seen this video about body image? Pretty powerful and also heartbreaking to hear women call themselves "disgusting". You aren't! At all. 

I think that's all for today :)