the start of something good // summer

One of the more underrated things about Atlanta is, in my opinion, the holiday weekend. Everyone leaves - heading to the Carolinas and the Panhandle - leaving Atlanta noticeably emptier. Since moving here, I've never spent a Memorial Day in town and this year, after a spring full of travel, I was so excited to try it out. 

On Friday night, Chris hosted a cookout to kick start the weekend and welcome two of his friends, Walker and Claude into town. 

Saturday,we went to brunch at South City Kitchen (my first time there --> so good!) then headed over to his aunt & uncle's pool in Buckhead. They were out of town for the weekend and so kindly offered us the place as a staycation of sorts. 

Saturday night, we went to the Dave Matthews concert at Aaron's amphitheater (ATL Summer Bucket List #6). It was absolutely perfect weather for an outdoor concert. 

Sunday, we got up and headed to our friend, Katherine's, house in LaGrange Georgia to go boating (ATL Summer Bucket List #3). 

Her family couldn't have been more gracious hosts - they were so accommodating - driving us around on the boat all day and constantly reminding us to eat and drink anything we saw. It was such a lovely day with great friends and great weather. 

And now, here we are on Monday with a mini week ahead of us and the lovely realization that it is, unofficially but practically officially: SUMMER.