My garage sale & your next date

This weekend held two significant events. 

1. Melissa, Kyla and I hosted a garage sale. It was so much fun! And felt amazing to make some money off of all that stuff we weren't using anyway. 

People were awesomely intense - arriving 45 minutes early, bartering on everything. But I loved it! We got to know a lot of our neighbors and ended the day with an organized house! It was totally my style. 

(Some of our beautiful items ;))

2. Sam and I went to watch Indy Eleven soccer play the Atlanta Silverbacks. A romantic date it wasn't, since we're siblings and all. But it was a great way to spend time together. 
The stadium was packed and full of energy. The weather was great - an excellent way to spend a summer night outside. And they had GF beer. Ta da! I highly recommend it as a date night if you want to mix it up. 

And now, I'm setting my alarm for a rise&shine run, then Chris is picking me up for breakfast at Highland Bakery (see you soon omelette, iced coffee and sweet potato biscuit!). 

Then: I'm off to the beach for a week, where I'm unplugging in a major way and just being with my amazing family. 

Have a lovely week! 

PS I wrote this from my bed on my phone so I couldn't format OR insert these links:
Meet Kyla:
&Highland Bakery:

Oh and hi, from The Oasis, aka my bed ;)