a note on food & exercise

For the most part, I'm a pretty all-in person. I don't do things halfway, which can sometimes be good and sometimes dangerous (literally). 

When it comes to eating, though, I've worked really hard to be less rigid. Less all or nothing and a little more flexible. Banning rules and goods & bads and being comfortable with what my body tells me it wants. I've gotten some questions lately on diet/exercise/body image and I wanted to share because it's really important to me. 

I believe in eating as close to the earth as possible - with lots of veggies and whole foods. I believe in Intuitive Eating (it's what taught me that I actually love BURGERS!). I believe in eating what I want, when I want it. And finding a healthy balance between moderation and indulgence.

I'm not Paleo or vegan, though I often try out those recipes because I think they're fun. Sometimes I eat meat, sometimes I eat dairy. The only thing I no longer eat is wheat - but not by choice (what I'd give for a Blue Moon right now). It's because after struggling with IBS for years and finally feeling better without wheat, I realized it was no longer worth it. But it's not because I think grains or gluten are evil. I love me some GF oats for breakfast.

I believe every body is different and therefore, how you eat may be exactly right for you, but not exactly right for me. Also, how I eat today may not be right in a year. And you can bet your bottom dollar I hope someday my body decides gluten is OK again. :)

But what about when it comes to exercise? There's so much noise out there. Our access to information (often false) is dangerous. I'm not sure we should be able to do quite so much Googling from our desks, because I think we can get a little crazy. 

After having my appendix removed and being forced to do almost nothing for the last four weeks, I find myself with a renewed vigor for exercise. It's so much fun - holy endorphins! But at the same time, I am realizing I was pretty satisfied during that break. Yes, I missed the sweat and grind, but my days still went on and my body didn't change much. I was OK. 

A lot of people have a tendency to overdo it with exercise because it makes us feel good (those endorphins, I tell ya) and more in control of our day/lives/food. And, people really want rules and quick, hard formulas because they're easier to follow.

What I'm learning, though, is that it's far from being about a formula and instead about learning to honor your body, seek exercise you love and practice moderation. This week, I'm loving the gym. But next week, when I'm on vacation with my family, I'm going to love walking on the beach and running with my siblings. I won't pick up a weight all week and I won't mind one bit.  

The truth is, our days aren't defined by our food or exercise or anything in between. And no matter if you skip a run or eat too many brownies, 

you are enough, exactly right now no matter your weight, size or eating habits.

Oh and also, regardless of your relationship status, friendships, wealth and job. 

Exactly today, right now.