life this week

I'm loving...

This version of Hillsong's Oceans that Melissa sent me. Amazing :) 

This website, which generates an answer to the world's greatest question: is it iced coffee weather? Answer: yes. Always

Account Killer, which allows you to kill social media accounts (not just log you out indefinitely). 

+ My lunches. I was once a girl who hated kale and sweet potatoes, but lately I've been loving the same salad for lunch at my desk. It's that good! It's:
Parmesan cheese
Sweet potato
Olive oil 
&Nutritional yeast
(and possibly another protein, like turkey, chicken or avocado. Depending on my hunger level)

+ This read. 9 Habits of People with a Healthy Relationship to Exercise,

+ Planning for the Fourth of July. Yes, already! I got Mel and I matching American Flag shorts. Even though we likely won't be spending it together this year, it felt like we needed to match from afar, nahmean?