How to Spend a Weekend in Austin

Last fall, I went to Austin for the Love Does conference with Robyn. We didn't have a ton of time to explore, but I fell for that city. And not just because they have the first Whole Foods ever. But that certainly didn't hurt.

I'm hoping to get back there sometime in the next year for a more exploratory weekend, so I decided it was the perfect city for my next weekend guide.

With the help of my brother, Sam, who recently went to Austin and is also just a pro and finding the secret treasures in cities, we put one together. So, if you have 48 hours in Austin, here's the best of it, in our opinion:

Wright Bros Brew & Brew - Local coffee and beer in East Austin. Sam says drink the local roast in the aeropress
Flat Track Coffee - Tiny, hidden espresso bar in East Austin with top-knotch breakfast croissants. Sam says? Drink the Americano. Also I, personally, want their t-shirt.
Jo's Coffee - Three locations with brews and java. Mmhmm.

Koriente - Healthy Asian food. --> eat - the hummus roll.
G'Raj Mahal Cafe - BYOB Indian food --> eat - the Naan no matter what. I still think about it. 
Torchy's Tacos - Food truck with fresh tacos --> eat - The Democrat
Homeslice Pizza - Pizza on South Congress --> eat - Classic Pepperoni
La Condesa - Farm fresh Tex-Mex --> eat - the tacos, ribs, cactus...everything
El Sapo - Pretty new Mexican infused burger spot --> eat - the Lamburguesa
Magnolia Cafe - They say everybody knows and everybody goes. --> eat - the black bean entree
Hop Doddy Burger Bar - Burger Bar. Need I say more? --> eat - the Continental Club

Weather Up - Craft Cocktails in an old house in East Austin --> drink - the Presbyterian
Easy Tiger Beer Garden - Beer Garden with homemade pretzels and craft beer

Whole Foods Flagship Store - It's beautiful. I can't even explain the bulk bin section. 
Stag Austin - The end-all, be-all of men's attire
Tesoros Trading company - Crafts and folksy.
Uncommon Objects Antiques - You may call it junk but I know my antique-loving roomie would call it a honey hole.

Hotel St. Cecilia - Near South Congress and looks absolutely beautiful. Last time we did an Air BnB but next time around I want to stay in one of these!
Hotel San Jose - Sits on South Congress and every Austin guide recommends it. Apparently it's the bees knees.

Amy's ice cream - I didn't get to try it but I hear it's the best.
Gourdough's Donuts - I'm not normally one for doughnuts but their crazy concoctions are worth trying.

And that's all we know :) Now, I'm coming for you ATX!