the happiest of fourths

Oh, Fourth of July. It's just the best.

I had the pleasure of spending the Fourth at my friend Katherine's house in LaGrange, where we boated and bonded and enjoyed the insane generosity of her parents.


There were iced coffees and cocktails and boating and floating and the absolute bliss that only the water can bring.

The relaxation of the rocking boat combined with sunshine set in right when we arrived and carried me into work Monday.

Not to mention Saturday I headed back to Atlanta, where my brothers had their first cookout (so grown up!) with some of my very best ATL friends. We relaxed outside on their porch, eating hot dogs and having drinks. I felt so happy to move from a lake weekend to a cookout with my real-life family and my Atlanta family, all on one deck.

It reminded me that life right now is just so good.

I hope your Fourth was lovely!