ATL Staycation

A few weeks ago, Chris and I realized we were going to be apart almost every weekend in August with the way our schedules aligned. Realizing this last weekend was one of our only ones together and unplanned, we decided to block off some time. 

We then realized that summer is almost over (it hurts me to say it!) and there were still so many summery things we wanted to do. So, why not have an Atlanta staycation? 

The rules were simple:
- We weren't going to schedule anything with anyone else for Saturday - morning to night. 
- Everything we did had to be new to one of us, if not both. 

Here's how it went down: 

Chris picked me up at 5:45 Saturday morning - bright and early! We headed out to meet the Kayak Guy on the Chattahoochee. We dropped in about five miles upstream and kayaked back to Island Ford, which was where our car was. 

It was absolutely gorgeous. We got to see the sunrise over the foggy water. There were times where I couldn't even see Chris, between the thick fog and the bright, bright sun rising.

It was easily one of the cooler things I've done in Atlanta and a great workout. I added to my bucket list immediately :) 

After that, we headed down Roswell Road to Buttermilk Kitchen. Neither of us had tried it, but we'd both heard great things. It did not disappoint. The coffee was especially good.

From there, we went to the Zoo, because Chris had never been. We lucked out because it was Fulton County Family day, so it was free admission. This was fortunate because the zoo was both literally and figuratively a zoo - people everywhere - so our stamina wasn't all that impressive. After about hour, we were ready to roll. 

From there, we got King of Pops, which was, absurdly, Chris' first time. My head hurt when he told me he'd never had one and it had to make the list. Don't worry, he liked it!

After that, we went to a pool near my house, to which we don't belong. After an hour or so we got kicked out. Nothing like a walk of shame leaving the pool as everyone watches... Yep! We'll call it character building.

From there, we got iced coffees at General Muir. It was my first time there and I loved the vibe and the iced Chai latte. I highly recommend it. 

Next we took showers and headed over to the Goat Farm for the Living Walls event. 

Chris had never been to the farm and I'd never been to a Living Walls event. We loved them both! It was awesome to see the way the city has rallied around the movement. I signed up for the Living Walls email list so I can go to more events this fall.

After that, we tried West Egg's dinner. We'd both been to West Egg before, but never for dinner. I would like to say we loved it, but, honestly, we'll be sticking with breakfast there. The food was good but the service wasn't - and I at least need one to be great. But, it won't keep me from going back for breakfast.

Finally, we went to Northside Tavern for music (Bucket List #20). It was awesome - such a good way to end our day. The music was really fun. If you're planning to go, make sure you get there by 10 so you can see the band's grand entrance. It's the coolest part. 

And then? We crashed! It was a full, full day that reminded us why we absolutely love this city. 

I hope your weekend was wonderful!